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Raw & Refined Design strives to be your complete and comprehensive marketing solution

The aim of Raw & Refined Design is to provide clients with a single reference point to create everything necessary for professional and cohesive marketing with services including digital design, website development, print design, photography, and video. The end goal is to help clients successfully align themselves, their business, or their organization with their target audience to achieve a desired purpose.

Why I am involved in design and marketing

Personally it’s exciting and fulfilling to see the realization and release of effective branding and marketing. I believe effective branding says something positive about you, your company, or your organization. It resonates with your target audience, is motivating in some way, and creates loyalty. I believe effective marketing is the accurate transmission of your brand and its successful reception by your target audience. Seeing my clients proud of their branding and excited about their marketing is extremely gratifying and motivating to me.


Maximizing the potential success and effectiveness of your brand through four phases

So many people, businesses, and organizations have enormous potential for effective branding and marketing, but that potential can sometimes be undeveloped, disconnected, or in an outdated state. The “raw materials” exist but they have not yet been “refined” into complete, cohesive and contemporary branding.

When a brand achieves “refinement” it can effectively and efficiently accomplish its marketing goals with the assurance its message is being received successfully. For a new brand, that can propel an individual, business, or organization into the spotlight helping them quickly achieve sustainability. For an existing brand, a refocused and contemporary presentation of what has kept them around can motivate new members of their target audience and reinvigorate existing members of that audience to act in ways that will allow the brand to continue to thrive.

The Refining Process is composed of four phases:



During the discovery process, my goal is to understand the competitive landscape of my client, the current state of their brand, and what it is that they want to achieve through their marketing. I ask a lot of questions upfront to ensure the rest of the process is a smooth and focused one for myself and my client.


Once I have a clear understanding of my client’s competitors, their brand, and marketing goals, that allows me to create a focused plan for moving forward with my client’s project. I can develop initial versions of assets (logo/website/etc.) with confidence that I am heading in a direction that is in line with my client’s vision and that will help achieve their goals.


I collaborate with my client throughout the entire creative process. Asking questions for further clarity, requesting feedback, and discussing revisions and changes increases the efficiency of both my time and my client’s time. Keeping communication open and consistent is crucial. By working alongside my client, it allows for mutually agreeable solutions to be developed when challenges occur and keeps both myself and my client satisfied.


The structure of the refining process allows me to create a timeframe with my client that accounts for design, development, revisions, troubleshooting, and delivery or implementation of their final assets. I work with my client through each phase with mutual accountability to ensure the process is seen to completion and that deadlines are met.


The benefits of working with Raw & Refined Design

Often times, in order for an individual, business, or organization to develop and implement successful marketing, they must work with multiple people or entities (marketing consultant, creative agency, designer, web developer, photographer, printer, etc.). This can lead to a lengthy, disconnected, and expensive process.

By working with Raw & Refined Design, my clients are able to work not only with someone who has a diverse and successful background in sales and marketing, but with a single business that can provide solutions usually only accomplishable through multiple individuals or companies. The result is a smoother, faster, and more cost effective solution for just about any marketing need my clients have immediately or in the future.




The creative process and helping people are things by which I am truly energized. Discussing ideas, formulating a realistic plan for accomplishing them, and seeing what was once conceptual become a reality is more than just exciting to me. It’s life giving source of satisfaction. I have been blessed by people in my life who have helped provide me with personal support and professional opportunities to succeed. I want to do the same for my clients. I want to see my clients be successful and achieve the professional goals that provide satisfaction to them.

My Experience & Creativity

The mindset I have when developing solutions for my clients is rooted in business strategy. I understand how customers and supporters interact with a brand. I also understand how the presentation of a brand can influence the perception and actions of customers and supporters.

For over ten years worked in the sales and service industry and achieved success in several markets. I have sold products and services through outside sales, retail sales, and telephone sales. I have worked at the management level for a national retail franchise, helping them maintain the number one performance in the country (out of over 300 national franchises) for over 5 years. I have also received promotion within a multi-million dollar tech-company as a salesperson and developed and lead successful sales training for that company, as well. As a result of my sales experience, my design always returns to the effective and intentional communication of the brand’s message.

My creativity is influenced by a wide variety of things. Professionally, I stay up to date with what is going on in the relationship between technology and society. It’s important for me to be informed about what design trends are current and relevant in functional design, such as apps, user interface, and how that impacts user experience. Personally, I’m interested in a number of less digital design mediums, like product packaging, clothing, shoes, musical equipment, and cars. I may draw inspiration from a single or combination of my professional and personal interests and apply it in a way that I feel is appropriate for the project. I feel that I have created successful design if it attracts attention from and creates interest in the audience of my client.